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Friends of Liberty Hill is a conservation group, advocating for a threatened Camas and Oregon White Oak habitat in Northwest Oregon.

Liberty Hill Needs your support 

* please note that your donation to Friends of Liberty Hill will come to us via Urban Greenspaces Institute.  They are our fiscal sponsor until FOLH receives 501(C)(3) status and that is why you will see "Urban Greenspaces Institute" on the donation page.  Be assured that FOLH is receiveing your donation!  Thank you!

Your donation in support of saving Liberty Hill is greatly appreciated!  Funding helps maintain this website and goes towards printed materials for public outreach, legal counsel and more.  

Friends of Liberty Hill has recently been approved for a fiscal sponsorship by the Urban Greenspaces Institute, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization whose mission is to promote urban greenspace efforts regionally, nationally and internationally. All donations made in support of Friends of Liberty Hill are tax-deductible through UGI.

Info on the mining permit application status and instructions for public comments can be found

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