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Liberty Hill's wildlife mirrors it's plant population with an array of species found in both wet and dry habitats.  From tiny Oregon Ensatina to Banded Pigeons, Roosevelt Elk and Black Bear just to name a few, Liberty Hill is home to many who fly, swim, crawl or run. 

Reptiles and Amphibians

The area's many vernal pools and dry rocky uplands provide a diverse  habitat for both amphibians and reptiles. 

Species such as Western Skinks and  Yellow Bellied Races are in decline due to habitat loss.

Yellow Bellied Racer Snakes
Rough-Skinned Newt
Western Skink
Long-toed Salamander young
Rubber Boa


Liberty Hill provides a diverse forage for Blacktail deer, whose bucks prefer it's dense brushy swales for hiding.  A Roosevelt elk herd also frequents the area year-round, preferring the seculsion from human eyes.  Black Bear, though rarely seen, also hunts and scavenges the area feeding on berries in the Summer and occasionally leaving evidence by way of scat and deer bones broken open for the marrow.  Bobcats thrive on abundant small game such as rabbits, ground squirrels and quail.  


An adult Black Bear caught on a game camera, strolls through property adjacent to Liberty Hill.


A newborn Blacktail fawn.

A Roosevelt Elk bull in rut, keeping tabs on his cows concealed in brush.

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