Monkey Flower, Rosy Plectritis Camas and Saxifrage bloom along the solid basalt streambed

Shooting stars bloom in one of several wet meadows on the bluff.

The largest vernal stream running Eastward, channels between rocky outcrops before spilling over the bluff 's Eastern edge in a 50' waterfall.

Nutall's Quillwort, a tiny "dinosaur" plant that thrives in the bluffs pools.

Ladies Tresses (Spiranthes Porrifolia) above and Bog Bird-foot Trefoil (Hocksackia pinnata) below.  Two of the bluff's more uncommon species that prefer the wet Spring meadows.

Popcorn flowers begin life as tiny aquatic plants in the bluff's spring pools before blooming in mid-Summer as the water completely dissipates for another year.