Mining permit application update 9/8/21  

This past week Department of State Lands closed out the mining permit application submitted in February due to inaction past 200 days on a request from DSL for more detailed information in the application - particularly in regards to the mitigation plan for Liberty Hill.

While this action is mainly a result of DSL's policies regarding inaction on open permit applications, the delay and inaction in of itself is perhaps due to how complicated the mitigation plan for Liberty Hill is.  

While this is positive news regarding the efforts to protect LH, this is for the most part, merely a delay.  Resubmit of a new application is allowed and is simple.  However, plans to break ground where originally proposed for Fall 2021 and that is no longer feasible.

Current status with USACE is still "pending".

       Mining permit application update 4/27/21  

 A huge “thank you” once again to everyone who wrote letters in February and early March to The United States Corps of Engineers and the DEQ in opposition to the mining expansion! We are satisfied to report that an estimate of between 60 to 100 letters were written to the Corp of Engineers and DEQ.


At this time, we are still waiting for the Department of State Lands to receive a completed application from Knife River’s consultant.  For those who may not have been following the application review process closely, the application was returned for incompleteness back in January.  The consultant for the permit was given until May 15, 2021 to return the application.  If it is not returned in that time period, there could be an extension granted or the application could be closed (FYI, re-applying is not a big deal).  Once the application is received by the reviewer at DSL, there will be a time frame of up to 30 days to again accept or return the application.  If accepted the public comment period will begin shortly thereafter.  If returned again, there will be another extension, usually 120 days.


We now wait wait on these various scenarios outlined above to shake out before the DSL public comment period for the mining expansion to begin.  Because of the number of letters opposed to the mining expansion received by USACE and DEQ,  we don’t anticipate rapid movement on the mining application, though one can never tell with great certainty.  STAY TUNED.

When the public comment period begins through DSL, we will once again seek support from individuals and organizations to submit letters in opposition.  For those who sent letters to USACE,  those letter will most likely be the same and /or appropriate response to DSL.  Additional  or different "talking points" will be provided when the time arrives.

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