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At one time an important staple and trade item for the area's tribes, the Camas of the bluff thrives on.  The fields of early blooming variety (Camassia Quamash) was the same species once described by Lewis and Clark in their explorations, as looking like blue lakes from a distance.  Two large Camassia Quamash fields cover a 20+ acre treeless expanse of the bluff's Eastern edge.  The Great Camas, with it’s larger stature and deeper blue flowers also inhabit the bluff, blooming later in the shadier damp areas amongst Oregon Ash trees. 


Great Camas blooms amongst Monkey Flower in the shade of Oregon Ash 

Drone footage at the peak bloom time of the Common camas, which occurs in April.

A complete list of plant species found on Liberty Hill can be viewed by request.  Please message through the contact page.
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