What is Liberty Hill?

Located in Columbia County,  Liberty Hill lies in the foothills West of the Columbia River and North of the city of St. Helens, Oregon.  Over 200 acres, key features of the site include several acres of intact camas meadow, creating a swath of blue across the bluff every Spring.  Vernal pools, seasonal streams and waterfalls support a wide variety of wildlife and plant species, many of which are in decline throughout the Pacific Northwest.  Oregon White Oak that grows in clusters throughout the site make up the backbone of this unique ecosystem that was gently shaped over many hundreds of years by the Chinook and the areas other tribes, who hunted and foraged there.

Who are the Friends of Liberty Hill?

We are a group of citizens from around the Northernwestern Oregon region, brought together through a shared love and concern for this very special place.   Please explore our website to learn of the bluffs unique features and our conservation efforts towards saving it from basalt mining and residential development.

Reflection in one of the bluffs many vernal pools, this one on the old wagon road that runs North/South.